Top 10 Things Not to do in a Nightclub (for Women)

Top 10 Things Not to do in a Nightclub (for Women)


Things Not to do in a Nightclub (for Women)
By Arun Thakur

Going to nightclubs could be more fun only if people knew how to behave. People throw away all manners in a nightclub for the simple reason that everyone around is expected to be a stranger. It’s the way people conduct themselves at clubs which determines if you’ll have a great night or a shitty one. Nightclubs are fun place to be but could also be dangerous for some, especially women. So, if you are a lady and wish to visit one of those glittering nightclubs in your city, here’s a list of top 10 things you should not do in there. Trust us; this will make life easier for yourself and others around you.

10. Don’t’ click too many pictures:

If nightclubs are about losing yourself in the music and the surroundings, why waste time on clicking lousy pictures that make you look like a sorority girl or desperate tourist? Moreover, if those pictures have to go up your social networks like Facebook, imaging how embarrassing it would be to your reputation. Untagging them later will only be more brutal.

9. Do not try to be a groupie:
Ok, chances are that you might be willing to mingle up with a number of groups at the nightclub, but girls beware! No one likes being around with groupies. Keep your friends close and avoid flocking around groups at the club even if they may be famous. Not all of us have the right skills to start a conversation and carry it on smartly. Wait patiently and instead let people flock around you.

8. Never take off your shoes or clothes:
We know that nightclubs can become way too hot for many people to remain in their clothes. Although taking off clothes is usually done by guys, who remove their sweaty T-shirts to feel better. Obviously it would not be appropriate for girls. Also, girls like taking off their sandals when their feet start aching or just to look cool while dancing. But there is nothing sexy about removing your sandals and dancing like street hawkers.

7. Do not dance on anything above the couch level:
It’s attractive to dance on high platforms in nightclubs. It’s a way of gaining attention by others, and it also gives you the chance to check out everyone jumping around below your level. But dear ladies, this can cost you everything you have. Chances of falling and tripping are high, and what if you land on broken bottle glass or splinters? It will hurt!

6. Do not bring your boyfriend along:
Nightclubs are no places for enjoying a date! If you’re bringing your boyfriend along, you’re only wasting the precious space. Nightclub is a place of meeting new people and having a crazy time. There is no space for you two to hold hands and quietly squat a corner for sweet lovers chat. Loud music, lots of drinks, dancing and flirting are what happen in nightclubs. For a cozy time with your boyfriend you may take a walk at beach.

5. Don’t stick to strangers:
If you’re stuck with a strange, floozy kind of guy, you don’t need to spend the rest of your night quibbling around him. There’s always a way out of everything, so be smart and assertive. The simplest way to get out is to say, “I’ll be right back.” If the guy’s sensible he’ll know you won’t come back, and even if not, he isn’t your problem anymore.

4. Keep conversations aside:
Yes, nightclubs are places for socializing, but how can you expect to start a conversation when the music is playing loud in the background? You need to literally shout into the ears of the other person, and there is no surety that they will still hear what you say. So, just enjoy the night, drink, dance and have a good time. Don’t talk.

3. Never get inside the DJ booth:
Getting inside the DJ booth only makes girls look desperately slutty. Everyone else knows that everyone else around is seeking attention, but what’s the point in making this too obvious? Keep your cool; maintain a ladylike sophistication and see how you attract attention from men around without any of them being unwarranted.

2. Never flag a Bartender:
The most annoying thing any girl can do is to go up to the bar counter, and shout loud, “Hey Bartender!” This is heinous! It not only pisses off the bartender who is already swarmed by drunkards showing him dollar bills and visa cards for more drinks but makes you look like an uneducated lowlife who seems to have got inside because of some connections.

1. You are what you wear:
Girls, be careful about what you select to wear at the nightclub. What you wear will define who you are. Going to the nightclub means you’ll be surrounded by strangers; and if catching their attentions is your motive, make sure to dress right. A simple pair of jeans and T-shirts is not likely to get you any attention. Wear something figure-hugging but not revealing. It hones a certain degree of mystery and attracts more eyes.


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